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  Part A
  According to the following contents,write an article on improving forestry measures in the western region
  1.Previous progress
  2.Existing problems
  3.What measures should be taken
  Model essay  
  Over the past 10 years,China has made much headway in its afforestation and soil conservation.For instance,the national forest acreage has increased by 13.7 million hectares since the fourth national survey on forest resources in 1990.Despite these great achievements,some serious problems still remain to be solved such as how to improve forestry in the western area in the course of its economic development.
  Forestry build-up in the west is a long-term task.In order to have this goal materialized,I think some concrete and effective measures should be taken immediately.For example,to protect the natural environment of the west,some previously cultivated areas should be returned to forest and grassland.In the course of improving forestry,some strict laws should made and their enforcement must be guaranteed.Those who violate forest protection laws must be severely punished.Only by taking these effective measures can forestry in the western area be improved.

  Part B
  Below is a table showing the percentages of people in a big city going to work in different ways in 2007 and 2011.Look at the table closely and write an essay of about 120 words making reference to the following points:
  1.the difference between the two years in the ways of people going to work;
  2.the possible reasons for the difference.
  Model essay
  Ways of Going to Work
  This table shows the ways of people in a big city going to work between the year of 2007 and 2011.Ac-cording to the table,the number of people traveling in private cars and by subway increases from 2007 to 2011.In contrast,fewer people travel by bus or by bike in the year of 2011.
  The reason for the changes can be summed up as follows:
  Firstly,private cars are cheaper than before.The income of urban citizens has increased while private cars are becoming cheaper.More people can afford to buy their own cars.
  Secondly,more subway lines are in operation.It is convenient and cheap to travel by subway.Therefore,more people choose to go to work by subway than be-fore.
  Since more people drive their own cars or by sub-way,fewer people go to work by bus or by bike accordingly.


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